24/7 Control Room

Alarm Response

Our 24/7 Control Room is staffed by experienced and professional operators who are in direct contact with the emergency services. The response to any incident is immediate, and the majority of incidents are attended to within 60 minutes of your initial call.

The Control Room also serves the public by providing information and assistance during any emergency situation. In addition, the Control Room operators are trained to handle all types of emergencies, including fires, floods, and medical emergencies.

As a result, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible response to any emergency situation. Our response staff are highly experienced when it comes to dealing with the public and the emergency services.

Our Emergency Response Services

Our emergency response team has a lot of experience in dealing with public and emergency services. Thanks to many years of experience our team is here for you and we will handle all incidents professionally.

Key Holding

Your keys will be kept in our fully manned (24/7/365) Alarm Response Centre in an approved fire resistant key cabinet. Your keys will be identified by a unique numbering system and not labelled with your address. Keys will only be accessible to our mobile response team members whilst on shift in a case of emergency.

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