At Security Solutions Yes Ltd we have structured our residential package to suit you. With crime figures rising, we offer a comprehensive solution for your home. A Security call out and protection service for your family and your property. Our specialist trained team are available 24/7/365 to respond to your needs and can provide a response time of less than 1 hour.

Residential Security Package Includes:- £450 Per Year - 

Holiday Package Includes:-£49.95 Per Week - 

  • Key Holding Service for the duration of your Holiday                      
  • 2 x Mobile Patrols Per 24 hours (times to be agreed)
  • Text Message Updates
  • Security Deposit Safe For Valuables and Important documents (loan)
  • Free use of plug in timers (loan)
  • Security Signs
  • Free Property Checks and assessments
  • Key Holding Service
  • 3 x Call outs / Alarm Response Per Year
  • 60 Minute Response Times
  • 20 Mobile Patrols per Year
  • Text Message Updates
  • Security Signs
Securing your home – Our security consultants will visit your home and provide you with a fully comprehensive security report advising any improvements that will make your home more secure.

Key Holding – Your home keys will be kept in our fully manned (24/7/365) Alarm Response Centre in an approved fire resistant key cabinet. Your keys will be identified by a unique numbering system and not labelled with your address. Keys will only be assessable to our mobile response team members whilst on shift in a case of emergency.

Alarm Response – A fully trained operative will attend your home within 60 minutes of activation. 

Mobile Patrols – Our mobile response team members will arrive at your home in our sign written vehicle and perform a set of pre-agreed security checks. You will be notified via text message when the agreed checks have been performed.

Security Deposit Safes – For the duration of your holiday, you will be loaned a safe within our (24/7/365) Alarm Response Centre for you to store your valuables and other important documents.

Security Signs – We will supply and install internal security window signs, to your home as a deterrent.