Private Investigation Services

Our established partnership  Select Private Investigations ensures that we are able provide a personal and professional service which can be tailored to your specific requirements. Enquire today by calling us on 01603 425100 or emailing . 

People & Vehicle Tracking
We  have the capability to conduct Covert Surveillance on behalf of you the client for a variety of reasons and is a great way to find out the truth, with photographic and video evidence being provided.
From finding out if your partner is cheating on you or discovering simple Insurance and benefit Fraud claim, there really is no place your partner or claimant can hide without you finding out who they are seeing or what they are doing.
Surveillance is usually carried out using a minimum of 2 operatives and in some cases 4 operatives, the operatives we use all come from a highly experienced background in Surveillance and are Military or Police trained with a minimum of 25 years experience.
GPS vehicle tracking is one of the most powerful tools for obtaining evidence which allay your suspicions. Whether you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful or that your staff are not completing their driving duties correctly whilst on shift, tracking is extremely discreet and cost effective.
During the period that the tracker is fitted, clients will be provided with a full report detailing the areas where the vehicle has been driven over a period of time.
We are able to deploy vehicle trackers at very short notice throughout the UK at any time of the day or night with tracking devices being able to be deployed either covertly or overtly depending upon the requirements.
Other Services Include
We have been engaged in the security business for a number of years and are highly experienced in installing and monitoring modern CCTV equipment which is now capable of so much more than just recording video images. We have the ability to monitor CCTV 24/7/365 and monitor systems across the country, coupled with direct communication systems through to police and key holders locally who are able to respond immediately to any suspicious activity.
  • Children & Old Age Care Monitoring
  • Commercial & Corporate Investigations
  • De-Bugging
  • Insurance & Benefit Fraud Claims
  • Investigation Consultation Service
  • Matrimonial Investigations
  • People Tracing
  • Phone & Computer Forensics
  • Process Serving
  • Proof of Cohabitation
  • Statement Taking
  • Debtor Tracing

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