Fire Prevention Systems

We are also able to provide a wide range of fire prevention systems; all designed to protect either commercial or domestic properties. All systems are professionally installed, monitored and maintained by SSY, giving you peace of mind that your premises is in the best possible position with regards to fire prevention.

When it comes to choosing the right fire alarm system, there is a whole host of factors that need to be taken into account. Fire alarms can potentially save lives and are often a legal requirement in commercial buildings, schools and hospitals to name a few.  For example, the size of the building and the number of occupants can determine whether you install manual fire alarms (M-type) or an automatic detection system. Manual systems compromise of call points situated in various locations throughout a building, normally staircases and hallways, which will sound an alarm when someone manually raises it.

​Over the years we have gained a reputation as a market leader in fire alarm installations throughout East Anglia and the surrounding areas.

L-Type Fire Alarm Systems
L-Type fire alarm systems can be divided into sub-categories (L1 down to L5) and denote the level of detection by the automatic sensors. These systems are designed purely to alert the occupants of the building of the dangers, and do not necessarily automatically call the emergency services.

P-Type Fire Alarm Systems
P-Type systems are similar to L-Types, with the addition of automatically calling the emergency services meaning that your property will be protected even when the building is unoccupied. Having monitored CCTV Installation on the premises alongside your fire alarm system can often aid the emergency services and help them to locate danger zones within the building.


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Fire Extinguishant Systems

Whilst we are able to supply, install and maintain all classifications of fire extinguishers (Water, Foam, Powder, CO2, Wet Chemical) - we highly recommend that you consider switching your existing extinguishers to WaterMist. 

These are the only type of extinguisher in the world to extinguish all classes of fire using only water and no additives, ensuring a truly environmentally friendly solution. 

  • EN3 Kitemark approval by BSI in the UK and CE marked.
  • Suitable for all class of fire. A, B, C, D (NON-OXIDISING), E AND F.
  • Leaves almost no residue when applied to the fire due to evaporation.
  • Safe for the user due to mist barrier between fire and operator.
  • Safe for use on electrical items up to 100kV. Certified to 35kV.
  • Easy to empty and refill on-site without mess or special filling equipment.
  • Uses highly advanced technologies with multiple patents.
  • No collateral damage after discharge.
  • 100% Environmentally friendly.
  • 5 Year warranty 
  • Complies with BS 5306 maintenance requirements.

  • In addition to this, we are also able to supply, install and maintain Fire Blankets as and when required.